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Report: Kevin Love is "really frustrated" Cavs are keeping him out of Game 3

This is fun

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Concussions are something that the world is taking more and more seriously as information about their effects becomes more widely known. In this context, the Cavs decision to sit Kevin Love for Game 3 as he goes through the NBA's concussion protocol seems prudent. The Cavs also let Love continue to play for a time after he took the blow from Harrison Barnes during Game 2. Perhaps the Cavaliers feel they need to slow-play Love coming back after they received criticism for not removing him from that game immediately.

That's all speculation, and it's not fair to read into the decision without more information. It's also possible that both Kevin Love's camp and the Cavs organization want to go out of their way to protect him from accusations of being soft. Those allegations are insane anyway. Love stayed in the game after a vicious blow and has worked tirelessly and through aches and pains to be available for the Cavs all season. Either way, Marc Stein of ESPN is reporting the Love really wants to be on the court tonight.

This might mean that there is a better chance to see Love for Game 4. It might mean there is friction between Love and the Cavs. Who knows? With a 2-0 deficit and no Love to help tonight, there are bigger problems for the Cavs. I'm not 100% sure that it's even the Cavs call anyway with him in the concussion protocol. We will keep you updated.