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Steph Curry: "I'm disappointed I didn't do anything to help my team win tonight"

The Cavs win in Game 3 came with another night where

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Cavs built a commanding 31-10 lead in the first quarter of Game 3, and it had a lot to do with the unanimous MVP of the league struggling. After the game, he was more than willing to take the blame for his team's performance.

"I'm disappointed I didn't do anything to help my team win tonight,"  Stephen Curry said.

That might be a bit extreme. Curry ultimately finished with 19 points on 13 shots, which isn't terrible. Most of those points came after halftime, however, when the game was mostly out of reach. At halftime, he was stuck on two points, with three fouls and three turnovers. He wasn't able to get in a rhythm earlier than the second half because of poor decision-making defensively. He ultimately finished with six turnovers to just three assists, and got to four fouls. While Curry struggled to get going offensively, Kyrie Irving was going off on the other end.

In Curry's own words: "They were playing aggressive defense and they came out with a big punch. I didn't do anything about it or play my game, and for me to do what I need to do to help my team, I have to play a hundred times better than that, especially in the first quarter, to kind of control the game, and I didn't do it."

Curry did make it clear that he expects for a positive turnaround as soon as Game 4.

"How we bounce back on Friday will show our heart and soul about winning. This is hard."

Kyrie Irving isn't taking anything for granted. "Those guys have the ability to get downhill and then spread it out to the three point line."

The Cavs ability to tie the series at two and turn this into a best of three game series might hinge on getting Curry to replicate his performance tonight. We will see what Steph Curry shows up.