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NBA Finals Game 3: Breaking down the Cavs success slowing down the Warriors

In the thrill of victory, Aaron and I break down Game 3

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

I've mentioned before that we at Fear the Sword are attempting to do more live analysis and video feeds over at our Facebook page. Last night was just such a night. One of the cool things about these is that we can do them from pretty much anywhere on our phones. Last night we battled spotty WiFi at Quicken Loans Arena and were able to an immediate post-game breakdown. Something less cool? It was like 90 degrees in the second half where my media seating was and Aaron is already a much more stylish person than I am.

Without further ado though, I break down Game 3 with Aaron Perine. Things discussed: the Cavs success with Draymond Green, their physical play, and J.R. Smith's big night. We also touched on what was a fun, if cantankerous, home crowd. Let us know what you think and also be nice. I plan on doing this again after Game 4 if it's possible.