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Fear the Newsletter: Timofey Mozgov got paid edition

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Hello everyone and welcome to the first edition of Fear the Newsletter, aka the 'Timofey Mozgov got paid' edition.

If you have questions, concerns or complaints, drop me an e-mail at We hope you enjoy.

- Chris Manning (@cwmwrites), Editor at Fear the Sword

Late last night, the Lakers and Timofey Mozgov were negotiating a four-year, $65 million dollar deal according to Woj and he ultimately signed for four years and $64 million. Considering his desire to start and the money available, it's not a surprise that Mozgov's time in Cleveland is at an end.

By the way: it's really nice to see Mozgov get paid. He struggled last season after being great with the Cavs during his first season and he would have received a huge offer had he been a free agent next summer. It's good to see a guy who never really found his way this season largely because of his health still sign a lucrative deal.

Best of luck, Timo. Cleveland will always have your brew garden commercial.

Aside from Mozgov's departure, the Cavs were quiet on the opening night of free agency and haven't yet been linked to any players. Earlier in the week, LeBron James declined his player option, the Cavs extended a qualifying offer to Matthew Dellavedova and they also picked up Jordan McRae's team option. Like the Cavs' whole offseason might, last night played out predictably.

To keep up to date on all things Cavs, make sure to bookmark our tracker. The SB Nation NBA crew also has a great tracker that's listing out every signing in one place. Some of the names already off the board; Nic Batum, DeMar DeRozan, Hassan Whiteside, Jordan Clarkson and Bradley Beal.

Meanwhile, LeBron James appears to be having a lot of fun on a boat near Spain with Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul. God Bless Snapchat.

His name didn't come up last night, but Dwight Howard might be the most vexing free agent of them all. And yet, he may be worth taking a chance on. It seems like it's been a lifetime since Howard and the Magic beat the LeBron's Cavs in the playoffs. That very well have been the best version of Howard ever to exist.

Former Cavaliers great (ok, legend) Dion Waiters is reportedly being sought after by the Kings and a few other teams. Waiters and DeMarcus Cousins on the same team in 2016, let's get it.

Joakim Noah got paid wait? And for four years? Oh, Knicks.

J.R. Smith was spotted wearing a 'J.R. Smith for president' t-shirt at a gold outing yesterday. Give him the max, stat.

That's it for today's edition. Have a great Friday and we'll talk to you tomorrow.