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Fear the Newsletter: Kay Felder - the next Mutombo?

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Hello everyone and welcome to today's 'Fear the Newsletter', where Kay Felder continues to have Cavs Twitter swooning at Summer League.

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- Carter Rodriguez (@Carter_Shade), News Editor at Fear the Sword

Summer League in Las Vegas rolls on. The Cavaliers played and lost their second game, this time to the Nets. Kay Felder and Jordan McRae were absolutely pests, combining for 11 steals in the loss.

Felder also flashed his athleticism with this chasedown block in transition. He's 5'9, guys.

While we're talking Summer League, it's important to note that our friends Ryan Mourton and Trevor Magnotti are there. Follow them on Twitter, if there's even a one percent chance you're not already. If you already are...carry on.

In Tristan Thompson related news, Team Canada fell in the final of the Olympic Qualifying Tournament in the Philippines, dropping to France. Team Canada was didn't feature Andrew Wiggins, Nick Staskas, Trey Lyles, Jamal Murray or Kelly Olynyk, so a bigger burden than usual fell on TT. It's a shame we won't see them in the Olympics.

As a reminder, chat about free agency here and track all Cavs rumors here.

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Things to read/listen to today: Jesus Gomez on the raucous atmosphere at the 76ers-Laker Summer League game and what we can expect from Ingram and Simmons moving forward, Tim Cato explains why the Rockets extended James Harden's contract, and Ben Simmons is a weird, time-warping, passing wizard.

That's it for today. We'll talk to you tomorrow.