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NBA Summer League open thread: Cavs and Kay Felder look for first win against Wolves

The Cavs are parched for wins in the desert

The Cavs enter their third contest of the Las Vegas Summer League looking for their first win. They will face a similarly winless team in the Minnesota Timberwolves, led by exciting rookie Kris Dunn.

The Cavs mission statement will remain the same: Monitor Jordan McRae (averaging 25 points per game) and Kay Felder (4.5 assists and 4.5 steals per game) for potential spots in the rotation. Felder is clearly more of a longshot, but he has real skill and an outside shot of being able to grab some minutes if things break his way. Based on some conversations with others who cover the team, McRae looks like he'll get a crack as a scorer and handler off the bench, a player type the Cavs have been searching for over the last few seasons.

The Timberwolves, in addition to Dunn, also sport former Cavs pick Tyus Jones, who was traded to Minnesota on draft night last season.

The Game starts at 8:30 EST on NBATV. We'll see you then.