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NBA Summer League 2016: Cavs beat Wolves 99-68 for first win in Vegas

The Cavs finally taste sweet Vegas victory

The Cavaliers ended their drought in the desert with a 99-68 win over the similarly winless Minnesota Timberwolves.

Kay Felder continues to give the Cavs something to think about as far as their rotation this year, displaying strong decision making, a tight handle, and quick first step that have all been staples of his summer so far. The litmus test for Summer League isn't as much the counting stats -- though another low turnover game with only one does mean a little bit -- it's "Does this player stand out among summer talents?" and Felder does.  It will be interesting to see how he fares when competition ramps up, but he is an NBA player. Where he falls in a rotation will be the next step.

For his part, Jordan McRae passes the same test. We already knew this, he's dominated the D-League and had strong NBA performances against other bench players. The Cavs have given some credence to the idea that he will get a shot at a place in Ty Lue's rotation this season, and he could provide some scoring and handling that has been missing from a unit that was expected to get that from J.R. Smith before he become an invaluable starter.

Two other players of note are Raphiael Putney and Eric Jacobsen. Neither will probably stick with the Cavs, with roster spots so hard to come by on championship teams, but they have some real skill. Putney has been very strong in the D League and definitely has range out to the three point line, but finding a spot for 185 pound 6'10" players who aren't incredibly athletic can be difficult. Still, I imagine he'll get a shot somewhere with teams putting a priority on shooting. There are worse players in the league currently. Jacobsen continues to show good agility and quickness for his size, and also has a pretty nice stroke and is willing to get physical.

The Cavs will be off until Wednesday or Thursday, when the playoff format takes effect and their opponent is decided.