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Fear the Newsletter: Timmy Duncan upstages Summer League

In Tuesday's newsletter, Timmy Duncan has owned NBA news.

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Hello everyone and welcome to today's 'Fear the Newsletter', where Tim Duncan owned the news cycle.

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- Carter Rodriguez (@Carter_Shade), News Editor at Fear the Sword

The Cavaliers won a Summer League Game! Huzzah! Kay Felder looked good again, and he actually hit a three, which is going to be really important for his ability to stick in the league.

Tim Duncan has retired, and in the wake of the news, the entire sporting world has weighed in. My favorite take comes from the Ringer's Shea Serrano, who just gets what it's like to be a fan of a team. Nice to have the ability to put that into words.

Larry Sanders is a cryptic mess on Twitter, hinting that he may return to play for either the Cavaliers or Warriors. Of course, it could be total nonsense. Who knows? It'll be interesting to see whether the former Bucks star has any game left after sitting the last two years. He was a legitimately unbelievable rim protector and rebounder before he washed out of the league due to personal problems.

Our friends Ryan Mourton and Trevor Magnotti are in Vegas for Summer League. Follow them on Twitter, if there's even a one percent chance you're not already. If you already are...carry on.

As a reminder, chat about free agency here and track all Cavs rumors here.

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That's it for today. We'll talk to you tomorrow.