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Cavs have second-best odds to win 2017 NBA title

The Cavaliers have the second best odds to win next year’s world title.

It was a year to remember for the players, the organization, but more importantly, the people of Cleveland. ‘The Land’ led the NBA year after year for biggest championship drought but now that’s all over. Clevelander’s can, and have, celebrated a world title.

Now that the list has reset, let’s take a look at the title odds for next season. Despite their Game 7 loss, the Warriors are atop the board following their signing of Kevin Durant. According to the odds at NBA sportsbook TopBet, Golden State is followed closely by the Cavaliers, who have the second best odds of winning title. The San Antonio Spurs, Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Clippers are next on the list.

Here are the odds for the 2017 NBA Championship:

Golden State Warriors (-150)

Cleveland Cavaliers (+300)

San Antonio Spurs (+1,000)

Boston Celtics (+2,500)

Los Angeles Clippers (+3,000)

Oklahoma City Thunder (+4,000)

Toronto Raptors (+6,000)

Chicago Bulls (+6,000)

New York Knicks (+6,000)

Minnesota Timberwolves (+7,500)

Indiana Pacers (+8,000)

Memphis Grizzlies (+8,000)

Portland Trail Blazers (+10,000)

Atlanta Hawks (+10,000)

Miami Heat (+10,000)

Utah Jazz (+12,500)

Washington Wizards (+12,500)

Detroit Pistons (+12,500)

Milwaukee Bucks (+15,000)

Orlando Magic (+15,000)

Houston Rockets (+15,000)

New Orleans Pelicans (+15,000)

Dallas Mavericks (+20,000)

Sacramento Kings (+25,000)

Charlotte Hornets (+25,000)

Los Angeles Lakers (+25,000)

Denver Nuggets (+25,000)

Philadelphia 76ers (+25,000)

Phoenix Suns (+100,000)

Brooklyn Nets (+100,000)

Now keep in mind, these odds can and likely will change before the season begins. There are still a good number of free agents available that could help change title odds.

What will help Cleveland’s case this season, is their new found depth. It’s been said that the team’s top selection Kay Felder may have been the biggest steal of the NBA Draft. He will be learning behind Kyrie Irving and could be an excellent addition off the bench. Meanwhile, speaking of depth, the Cavs reportedly will soon add Chris ‘Birdman’ Anderson as well. He’ll fit in nicely behind Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson and Channing Frye now that Timofey Mozgov has signed with the Lakers.

So, despite sitting No. 2 in the sportsbook, there’s a very good chance that the numbers one’s in the league could reclaim that top spot again before you know it in the futures as well. Plus, it helps having that LeBron James guy on your team.