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NBA Summer League open thread: Cavs take on Celtics in tournament play

The Cavaliers look to add a very impressive and totally serious Summer League playoff win against the Boston Celtics

The Cavs open up the Las Vegas Summer League playoff format with a tilt against the Boston Celtics today. That's right, it's playoff time! Wooo!

Well, kinda anyway. We've reached the point of the program where players are starting to get sat, most notably Ben Simmons of the 76ers earlier today. While there has not been word on Cavaliers Kay Felder and Jordan McRae -- the two Cavs who seem to have their NBA status secured for the moment -- or Celtics third overall pick Jaylen Brown, there is a chance they end up not playing.

Either way, we know about all we can glean from this trip to the desert: Felder is lightning quick and possesses great vision, and his defense will be worth watching closely to see if a few positives translate to NBA play. McRae is an NBA caliber scorer, but other areas of his game are promising, but in need of some work. There is always a need for guys who can fill it up off the bench, and McRae should be able to do that an NBA level.... somewhere. Raphiael Putney can shoot threes at a really high clip but seems too small to compete with NBA bigs. Eric Jacobsen has good size and agility, and should have a decent future. Everyone else will be looking for good professional gigs overseas or in the D-League, and there is nothing wrong with that. Being one of the top-450 basketball players in the world isn't easy to accomplish.

The Celtics Summer Team has some interesting names, led by Brown, who has seemed overwhelmed offensively for most of the time here. Celtics superstar future Nets First rounder will also be widely scrutinized in this game.

We'll have more for you after the game.