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NBA Summer League: Cavs defeat Celtics 98-94 in tournament play

The Cavs win their first round tournament matchup, take on the Lakers Thursday.

The Cavaliers just can't lose playoff games apparently - even those of the silly Las Vegas variety.

In a surprisingly well played game for Summer League, The Cavs outlasted the Celtics 98-94. The story remains the same as it usually has been:

Kay Felder was the star of the show, scoring 22 points to go with 3 assists and a block. He continues to show a great change of pace on offense and great ball skills on defense, blocking yet another shot as the shooter brought the ball up. The further and further we go, the more I am sure Felder has NBA roster skills. Does that men a roation spot? I don't know. He belongs in the NBA, however, and will have a shot to pave his way from there.

Jordan McRae led the team with 32 points, and generally has stood out, but there is a troubling trend brewing. McRae has yet to consistently find his jumper in Vegas and has been buoying that lack of success with huge free throw numbers. Big scoring numbers consisting mostly of free throws in Summer play are a warning sign, and while McCray's handle and ability to get his shot off have stood out thus far, we're getting to a point where it is fair to wonder when he will get his jumper in line. It's alarmist, I know, to think such a thing right now, but many a Summer League star has fizzled out when it's time to score and draw fouls on the big stage. We aren't looking at disaster, but it's worth watching. McRae should still have a shot at some rotation minutes to start the year.

Otherwise, there isn't much to think about here. Other players such as Raphiael Putney and Eric Jacobsen have been written about in this space. They didn't do anything different tonight. Dom Pointer shows flashes of the all around skill that makes him tantalizing, but he's so far away it might never be reality.

The Cavaliers will play the Lakers tomorrow (today I guess, on the east coast) at 7:30 p.m. EST.