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Anderson Varjeao won’t accept championship ring from Cavs

Anderson Varejao won’t accept a title ring from the Cavs and it’s because of the team he signed with.

NBA: Finals-Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Despite being eligible, Anderson Varejao won’t accept a title ring from the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Varejao, a longtime Cavs fan favorite who was traded to the Trail Blazers mid-season in a salary dump, played with Cleveland long enough to receive a ring if offered. But because he signed with the Warriors after Portland released him, he won’t accept per Sam Amico of Amico Hoops and Fox Sports Ohio:

Varejao played for the Warriors in the Finals against Cleveland and in the process became the first player in NBA history to play for both Finals teams in the same season. It’s worth noting that there is no official NBA policy in regards to giving players rings - the decision to offer one lies with Cavs front office - but Varejao is apparently not taking one even if it’s offered.

What’s interesting here is that this further separates Varejao from the team he spent 11 seasons with. For Cavs fans, it was weird seeing him in another uniform - and especially on the opposing team in the Finals - and this makes it even weirder. It may have been even weirder had he accepted one, but if there a few players who better understand what it’s like playing in Cleveland than Varejao. Until his trade, he was the one holdover from the first LeBron James era.

Varejao, by the way, is going to play for the Warriors again next season. There’s a pretty good chance he and the Cavs will square off again in the Finals.