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It’s a celebration: Cavaliers title anniversary playlist

Reminisce with some sweet jams.

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One month anniversaries are generally not a very big deal. Sure, maybe in middle school or something seeing someone for a whole month might seem like a big deal but that’s about it. And that’s forgivable, when someone’s that young and they are completely new to dating every little thing seems exciting and worth celebrating but as people get old and jaded they realize one month anniversaries are not a big deal and sort of lame. Well guess what, Cleveland being champions is new and it is exciting and to me at least the one month anniversary of the Cavs’ first title in 52 years is totally worth celebrating. And in that spirit I have decided to celebrate the Cavaliers one-month title anniversary in the only proper way to celebrate such an accomplishment…by making it a playlist (or mix CD as they were called in my day) to share my feelings with the love of my life, the 2016 NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers.

Track 1: What Is This Feeling - Al Green

This whole thing is new to us, the Cavs had never won a title. It is exciting. It is new. I’m confused, what do I do with my hands? No song ever recorded in human history has captured this feeling quite like Al Green did with “What is this feeling”.

Track 2: Champions - Kanye West

The Cavaliers are the champions enough said. There might have been bumps along the way (kind of like Big Sean’s verse in this track) but at the end of the day the Larry O’Brien trophy belongs to Cleveland and next year’s jerseys get that cool gold tag on them.

Track 3: Jumpman – Future and Drake

It has been a month since LeBron and Nike once again asserted their dominance as the primary force in basketball. Sure you might catch your dad wearing some Curry 2s, but the 2016 NBA Champions wear Nike.

Track 4: No Problems - Chance The Rapper featuring Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz

Remember that time Klay Thompson thought he wanted to start stuff with LeBron James? This song is to remind Klay that sometimes you don’t want no problems big fella.

Track 5: Really Really - Kevin Gates

Sometimes I still can’t believe the Cavaliers came back. I can’t believe Kevin Love locked up Steph Curry. I can’t believe Kyrie was so cold blooded when he hit that three. I can’t believe The Block happened. This song is to remind us all that all that stuff happened, really really.

Track 6: Crazy In Love- Beyonce and Jay-Z

Much like Beyoncé, we all love LeBron James.

Track 7: Amazing - Kanye West

This track is for the people of Cleveland and the way they all came out and supported the team during the run. The crowds for Games 3, 4 and 6 were unbelievable inside of Quicken Loans Arena as well as outside of it. The parade crowd is something I still cannot wrap my head around. The fans of the Cavs have been amazing and deserve every minute of joy this title has brought the city.

Track 8: Let’s Stay Together- Al Green

This track is dedicated to J.R. Smith. I know he hasn’t officially signed his contract and he might want a lot of money and blah blah blah. All I care about is that after that title run J.R. remains a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers because if J.R. is going to wear a shirt next season it better say “Cavs” on the front of it.