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Fear the Newsletter: Matthew Dellavedova might become a Buck edition

Here’s today’s newsletter with some information on Matthew Dellavedova.

NBA: Preseason-Milwaukee Bucks at Cleveland Cavaliers David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Hello everyone and welcome to today's Fear the Newsletter, the 'Matthew Dellavedova might become a Buck' edition. Sorry for the late delivery - I had some personal matters to attend to this morning and just now was able to finish.

If you have questions, concerns or complaints, drop me an e-mail at We hope you enjoy.

- Chris Manning (@cwmwrites), Editor at Fear the Sword

As hinted at above, Matthew Dellavedova is going to sign an offer sheet with the Milwaukee Bucks. Per ESPN's Zach Lowe, Delly's offer sheet is for four years and $38 million, although's Chris Haynes has Delly's deal at $39 million. Either way, Delly is going to be making just under $10 million per year making just $1.1 million last season.

Since the Cavs can match the offer sheet and Dellavedova can't even sign it until July 7, there's still a bit of time until this is official one way or the other. For Delly, the Bucks offer a chance for an increased role and a chance to join a core that's right around his age. Additionally, with Giannis Antetokounmpo well on his way to becoming #PointGiannis, Delly can operate off ball like he does best. If the Cavs don't match - and I think they should, for what it's worth - he has a chance to do really well in Milwaukee. We'll have more on Delly and what the Cavs should/will do this week on the site.

In other Cavs news, Cavaliers GM LeBron James tweeted out the following, indicating that maybe Delly's time in Cleveland is done. Or he just forgot that Dellavedova is a restricted free agent:

In other Cavs news, the team is working on a contract extension for coach Tyronn Lue. When Lue was hired, he declined a new deal with the Cavs and bet on himself instead. Winning a title will result is a pretty big payoff on that bet.

Around the rest of the NBA, a lot of money is being spent and it's making some people mad online. If you're curious as to why NBA players make so much more than NFL players, Tom Ziller explains why.

In notable moves: Dwight Howard signed with the Hawks, Atlanta might be trading Paul Millsap and Bismack Biyombo signed with the Magic. My personal favorite: the Grizzlies signing Chandler Parsons and re-signing Mike Conley. Keep track of all of them here.

In today's J.R. Smith update, he hasn't signed a deal yet but he's now selling 'J.R. for Pres' t-shirts in conjunction with Fresh Brewed Tees. J.R., though, would have to take pay cut to be president and he's not old enough. Doesn't hurt to lay groundwork for the 2024 election when he's eligible, though.

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That's it for today's edition. Have a great rest of your Saturday and we'll talk to you tomorrow.