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LeBron James’ signature shoe is getting less expensive

The LeBron 14 will cost $175, a $25 dollar drop from the LeBron 13.

City Of Akron Celebrates The Return of Lebron James Photo by Ty Wright/Getty Images

LeBron James’ Nike signature shoe is about to get more affordable.

Per Sole Collector, Nike is lowering the price of LeBron’s signature shoe to $175 starting with the upcoming LeBron 14 model. The current sneaker, the LeBron 13, retails for $200 or $220 and, per a Foot Locker earnings call, wasn’t selling well. Along with the KD 8, LeBron’s shoe was at too expensive of a price point for the average consumer. At the same time, Kyrie Irving and Stephen Curry’s signature shoes - which cost $120 and $130 respectively - were selling better.

For Nike, this addresses a problem with the LeBron and Kevin Durant lines. LeBron is their biggest name star and has the shoe that most of their attention is focused on. But with the price being too high, people just weren’t buying them. With the LeBron 14 now cheaper and the KD 8 going down to $150, this could reinvigorate sales. There is no word yet this will affect the price of the LeBron lows, which currently retail for $150.

Nothing is yet know about the LeBron 14, but information and a release date should come out later in the year.