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Cavs Kicks: Nike LeBron Zoom “Witness”

LeBron James is getting another Nike signature shoe.

Nike Talk

LeBron James is getting another Nike signature sneaker.

Via a photo that appeared on the Nike Talk message board, the new Nike LeBron Zoom “Witness” will soon be a reality. While the shoe has a similar outline to the LeBron “Soldier” line, it’s noticeably lower tech. That is especially true when compared to the main LeBron sneakers (the LeBron 13, for instance), which are much more visually impactful.

As noted by Sole Collector, Nike actually had a “Witness” line for LeBron back when the LeBron 4 was released. It is unclear if this sneaker - which has no known price point or release date - will be at all connected to that line.

With LeBron a lifetime Nike athlete, it shouldn’t be a shock that he’s getting another shoe. The real question here is how it will fall in with the rest of his line. With the shoe being a bit less flashy, it’s possible that the “Witness” line will be James’ least expensive sneaker.