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Fear the Newsetter: The East has changed edition

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NBA: Playoffs-Cleveland Cavaliers at Atlanta Hawks Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Hello everyone and welcome to today's 'Fear the Newsletter', aka the 'Eastern Conference has changed' edition.

If you have questions, concerns or complaints, drop me an e-mail at We hope you enjoy.

- Chris Manning (@cwmwrites), Editor at Fear the Sword

Matthew Dellavedova's future won't be fully decided for another week or so, but according to a report, the Bucks don't think the Cavs will mach Delly's offer sheet. If true, the Cavs will need to find a replacement. How does everyone feel about Mo Williams and Kay Felder?

Elsewhere, the Eastern Conference has begun to change. The Celtics, for starters, signed Al Horford and are still in the running for Kevin Durant. The Hawks signed Dwight Howard and are keeping Kent Bazemore. The Wizards landed Ian Mahinmi after losing Jared Dudley. Teams like the Pistons, Magic Pacers and Knicks also will look different next season as well.

The Cavs will - as they should be - remain the favorites to win the conference. But it's going to look different and that's adds some perhaps needed intrigue.

Cleveland, by the way, is going to have to pay $54 million in luxury taxes for this past season. That's the highest bill in the NBA by far - the Clippers have the second highest bill at $19.9 million. Such is the price of winning a title. And without question, Cleveland's title isn't possible without Dan Gilbert spending the amount of money he did over the fast few seasons.

Tristan Thompson is officially suiting up for Team Canada this summer. He joins Kyrie Irving and Matthew Dellavedova as Cavs playing internationally this summer.

That's it for today's edition. Have a great Sunday and we'll talk to you tomorrow.