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NBA Free Agency: LeBron James isn't actively recruiting Dwyane Wade

LeBron also isn't interested in taking a discount.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

If the Cleveland Cavaliers do land a meeting with Dwyane Wade as reported, LeBron James won't be be part of the recruitment team.

Per ESPN's Ramona Shelburne, LeBron isn't 'actively' recruiting Wade to join him with the Cleveland Cavaliers. From Shelburne:

Yes, Dwyane Wade and LeBron were very publicly vacationing together last week, but sources said James is not actively recruiting him to play in Cleveland.

James, sources said, is not willing to take less than the maximum contract he can sign with the Cavs, who are so far above the luxury tax threshold that they could only offer Wade their $3.5 million mid-level exception. Being over the luxury tax threshold also means the Cavs couldn't do a sign-and-trade for Wade.

Also of note in her report is that LeBron won't take less then the maximum amount of money he can sign for. TNT's David Alrirdge reported the same earlier today. For LeBron, the idea is to maximize his salary and also set himself up to sign a max deal worth over $200 million next summer.

What this means is that the already slim chances of Wade becoming a Cavalier have become even slimmer. Wade's one real connection to the Cavs is LeBron considering their strong relationship off the court. Financially, LeBron not taking a pay cut - plus Wade's reported desire to make as much money as possible on a three-year deal - leaves Cleveland with only the taxpayer mini-midlevel exception worth about $3.5 million to offer. LeBron becoming a more involved in recruiter could change things some, but it's hard to see even a great pitch trumping the more lucrative offers Wade has received from the Heat and Nuggets.