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A Cavs fan made a GoFundMe to help the team land Dwyane Wade

A Cavs fan is crowdsourcing money to help Cleveland sign Dwyane Wade.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

As the Cleveland Cavaliers attempt to sign free agent guard Dwyane Wade away from the Miami Heat, a big issue for Cleveland is the lack of money. Because of the Cavs' cap situation, the most they can offer Wade is the taxpayer mini-midlevel worth a paltry $3.5 million. The Heat, by comparison, are offering Wade $40 million over two years and the Denver Nuggets are reportedly offering Wade $50 million.

One Cavs fan, Brandyn Brosemer, though is attempting to help by raising money through a GoFundMe page that has a goal of raising $20 million to pay Wade's salary. While he doesn't expect to reach the goal, the money raised will go to the LeBron James Family Foundation instead. As of last night, the page has raised $31 towards its goal.

"A co-worker kept sending me D-Wade information around how it would be entertaining if the Cavs got him for $3.5 million while GSW had to unload and pay max to get Durant as well," he said last night via Twitter. "We figured it would pick up some steam, though with no real thought it would actually ever hit $20 million, so we just added that it would get donated to LeBron's foundation because that is far more a valuable cause then circumventing NBA free agency and seeing what plays out."

Brosemer, who says LeBron is his favorite player because of what he's done for Cleveland, also thinks there's a chance Wade might actually come to the Cavs.

"I'm not sure at this point," he says. "I would love to see [J.R. Smith] return and prioritize that contract, much in the same way I don't want the Cavs to treat J.R. like the Heat treated Wade, by making him a second priority. That being said, if LeBron wants it to happen I think it will."