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NBA Free Agency: Richard Jefferson snaps that he re-signed with the Cavs

Richard Jefferson announces that he’ll be back with the Cavs next season.

Cleveland Cavaliers Victory Parade And Rally Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Richard Jefferson apparently isn’t retiring after all.

Per a post on his Snapchat story, Jefferson has signed at two-year deal with the Cavs. At this time, no other details are available.

Here is the photo Jefferson posted:

After the Cavs won the title, Jefferson said that he was retiring, but then walked it back at the championship parade in Cleveland. Soon after, it was reported that he not only was going to return, but wanted to play 2-3 more seasons.

With the Cavs also acquiring Mike Dunleavy from the Bulls tonight, the Cavs’ wing depth has just been bolstered. Jefferson was a key part of Cleveland’s title win during the Finals and getting him back is a smart signing considering the Cavs’ limited resources this offseason.

The lone question now is how Jefferson’s deal is structured and how much it’s worth. It seems likely that his deal will be for the veteran’s minimum. It also seems likely that it’ll be a deal where Jefferson or the Cavs have the option to end the relationship after next season.

Update - July 6, 2016 at 11:12 p.m.

Per The Vertical’s Chris Mannix, Jefferson’s deal is for two-years and $5 million. That’s above the veteran’s minimum and the money is likely coming from the mini mid-level exception worth $3.5 million. If Jefferson is making $2.5 million per season, the Cavs will have around $1 million left of it to spend.