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LeBron James covers the latest issue of SLAM Magazine

After the Cavs won the title, LeBron James covered a magazine he’s been featured in dating back to high school.

Fresh off the Cleveland Cavaliers title win, LeBron James is in a familiar place: on the cover of SLAM Magazine.

Issue 201 of SLAM features LeBron right after the Cavs won the title wearing the Cavaliers’ title shirt, hat and holding both the Larry O’Brien trophy and his Finals MVP trophy. The issue’s tagline - ‘What more can I say?’ a song title from Jay-Z’s ‘the Black Album’ - is fitting too, as LeBron answered all of his critics in leading the Cavs to title win after being down 3-1 to the Warriors. Dave Zirin also wrote a piece about LeBron accompanying the cover announcement. Here’s an excerpt from the piece:

This is a sports narrative that has never been written: a superstar returning home, strapping the hopes, anxieties and fears of a damaged city to his back, and coming through. Now there is no more talk of the drought, the curse, or a city branded “the mistake by the lake.” There is no more talk of a 1964 NFL Championship, with grainy footage, as the city’s last gasp of glory. Now there is just LeBron James rebranding an entire hardscrabble town as a place that would not and could not be defeated, even when going up against a New Age team playing in a New Age city. Like Cleveland itself, the world had supposedly passed the Cavs by, yet LeBron, like Christopher Reeve in Superman, flew quickly and powerfully enough to turn the whole world in another direction.

Check out the cover below. The issue for sale on newsstands now.