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LeBron James to the Cavs: "Let's get J.R. done"

LeBron James re-ups with the Cavs, and makes it known he wants J.R. Smith back

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James announced that he was officially signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers yesterday, and for a bit longer than many expected. While most assumed that James would accept another two year deal with a second year player option, he actually signed a three year deal, with the third year as a player option. So that gives the Cavs a bit of security, even as it remains exceedingly unlikely that James would leave for another organization.

Still, he also took the occasion to exert some of his considerable influence on the Cavs organization: he wants his teammate J.R. Smith re-signed. At the end of his announcement, he said:

"Lastly, you know what I’m saying, let’s get J.R. done! It’s that time."

J.R. Smith was an integral part of the Cavs' championship run, and it's a near-certainty that he will be back with the team in the fall. But with many NBA teams either over the salary cap or uninterested in Smith, it's fair for the Cavs to make sure they aren't overpaying, especially as they are well into the luxury tax. At the same time, coming off back to back Finals runs the Cavs may not exactly be running out of money. It'll get done. LeBron's ready for it.