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10 must-see Cleveland Cavaliers games for the 2016-17 season

There’s a lot to like from the Cavs’ schedule.

NBA: Finals-Cleveland Cavaliers at Golden State Warriors Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

In a perfect world you’d get to watch every Cleveland Cavaliers game next season. But things come up. Life happens and you might miss a random Friday night game or a random game against the 76ers that falls in the middle of a busy work week.

But there are also games you won’t want to miss and should block off time for right now. Here are 10 to not miss from the 2016-17 season.

Oct. 25 vs. the New York Knicks

Yes, this is the first game of the regular season. Yes, the Cavs might not look great and might struggle and might play a bit out of sorts on the season’s opening night.

But this game is going to be a celebration, as it’s the night the team gets its title rings and the title banner goes up in Quicken Loans Arena. Plus: The Cavs are also facing off against another super team.

Nov. 18 vs. the Detroit Pistons

The Pistons and Cavs faced off in the playoffs and Detroit might be one of the East’s better teams this seasons. And remember how Stanley Johnson had some things to say about LeBron during the playoffs? A mini rivalry might be cooking here.

Nov. 23 vs. the Portland Trail Blazers

Damian Lillard vs. Kyrie Irving you say? I’m there.

And remember when Irving did this against Portland? Me too.

Dec. 21 vs. the Milwaukee Bucks

This game marks Matthew Dellavedova’s return to Cleveland for the first time as a Buck. It might be a little awkward - especially because he might annoy someone on the Cavs because he’s, well, Delly - but he was a fan favorite during his time with Cleveland. Expect him to be cheered until the first time he gets a little too up in Kyrie’s grill.

Dec. 25 vs. the Golden State Warriors

Finals rematch? Check. First Christmas game in Cleveland since 2008? Check. First time the Cavs face off against the Warriors since the signed Kevin Durant? Check.

This game might be the most highly anticipated regular season game of the entire season out of all 30 teams. And it’s on at 2:30 p.m.

Dec. 29 vs. the Boston Celtics .

The Celtics might be the team most expect to give the Cavs a challenge this season, especially after they signed Al Horford over the summer. This isn’t the first matchup between these two teams, but this will be late enough in the season where Horford’s fit can be properly evaluated.

Jan. 10 at the Utah Jazz

If everything breaks right for Utah, they could be really, really good. This is the first matchup between the two teams in 2016-17 and it comes at at time where the Cavs will be in the middle of a small road trip. Anyone up for an early January test?

Jan. 16 at the Golden State Warriors

The Cavs go back to Oakland for the first time since they won the title. The last time Cleveland was there, ‘The Shot’, ‘The Block’ and ‘The Stop’ happened.

This is also the last time these two teams will play during the regular season ahead of an expected third straight finals matchup. Case closed.

Feb 14. at the Minnesota Timberwolves

Yes, the Andrew Wiggins/Kevin Love takes might be annoying. But this Love returning after accomplishing what he couldn’t with the Wolves and the champs squaring off against the team that might have next and just happens to be coached by Tom Thibodeau. Yes please.

March 25 vs. the Washington Wizards

Rivalry games are fun, the Wizards might be a little better this year and this adds some late season flavor to year that might not get all that interesting until the playoffs start. You could - and probably should - also throw the Cavs’ match-ups with the Raptors onto this list as well.