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Kay Felder works out with Mo Williams to prepare for NBA season

Old school trains the new school

Nick Laham/Getty Images

The backup point guard position is still up in the air for the Cleveland Cavaliers. With the departure of Matthew Dellavedova, the role of backup point guard will likely be handled by a committee of Mo Williams (if his knees hold up), Kay Felder and Jordan McRae.

It's well documented that Felder has a chip on his shoulder. Due to having a physical profile similar to Ty Lawson or Isaiah Thomas and questions surrounding his jumper, Felder slipped in the draft.

Overcoming the limitations of his physical stature and developing a consistent jumpshot is going to be paramount for Felder if he wants to have an impact on the Cavs.

Felder has been working out with fellow Cavs point guard Mo Williams and "Lucky Legend" of Lucky Legend Basketball at the Mo Williams Academy in Dallas Texas. They posted a video of some of the workouts that Felder has been going through on YouTube:

Felder looks pretty good here, but the true test will of course be against NBA defenders at NBA speed. The video is not quite Dion Waiters shooting over a broom, but it's interesting to see the work Felder is doing and great to see Williams helping out as a veteran.