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Report: Trading Kevin Love "Not even a remote consideration"

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

No player on the Cleveland Cavaliers roster has sacrificed more over the last two seasons than Kevin Love. He is a tremendously talented player on the offensive end of the floor, with defensive limitations. But his touches have been limited playing aside the best player of his generation in LeBron James and a blossoming star in Kyrie Irving.

Despite hiccups along the way, Love has found a way to adjust his game and remain productive even when the flow of the game dictates that he must take a back seat. These attributes came shining through in the NBA playoffs. He was a major contributor during the Eastern playoffs, both offensively and with solid post defense against players like Al Horford and Andre Drummond.

In the Finals, Love struggled against the small ball offense of the Golden State Warriors early in the series. He then had to battle back from a concussion, but still found a way to overcome his frustrations and make a significant impact in game seven on the boards, scoring and of course his now famous stop on Steph Curry.

Love has been through a lot in Cleveland, but according to Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders, he isn't going anywhere any time soon:

While there are no shortage of suitors who would take on Love’s contract, sources close to the Cavs say moving him is not even remotely a consideration.

This echos a lot of the buzz surrounding the Cavaliers. Recently ESPN's Dave McMenamin mentioned of the Great Point Podcast (a must listen by the way) that the Cavs are not considering moving Love and are thrilled with the work he is putting in this summer.

Love is motivated and the gang (assuming J.R. Smith finally signs), will be back looking to defend their title. Everything comes with the caveat that the Cavs can be very secretive, and can make major moves at a moments notice. But given everything Love has given to the Cavs, it is fitting that he will have an opportunity to help defend the title.

With James aging and a hole in the big man rotation after the departure of Timofey Mozgov, it's possible that we see Love take on a bigger role next season, especially in the regular season. Love will turn 28 years old in a couple weeks and is still very much in his prime. Smart money is on his best days with the Cavaliers being in the future.

I'm sure the team is hoping for more moments like this: