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James Jones wins NBAPA ‘Teammate of the Year’ award

‘Champ’ gets some recognition from his teammates.

Atlanta Hawks v Cleveland Cavaliers - Game Four Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

James Jones is perhaps known as a best teammate. And today, he was recognized as the best teammate on the Cleveland Cavaliers.

As part of the NBAPA’s “Player Voice” Awards, each team voted for their best teammate in their locker room and Jones won for the Cavs. Voting results weren’t released, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if Jones won unanimously within Cleveland’s locker room.

Check out all of the winners from the Eastern and Western Conferences below:

Jones is a key part of the Cavs’ locker room and has long been a favorite of LeBron James. But he’s also become a friend and mentor to Kevin Love and others over the past few years. Jones’ value as a teammate is largely why he’s still in the league despite having one skill - shooting - that gives him a chance to play on the floor.

Jones recently re-signed with the Cavs on a one-year deal reportedly worth $1.55 million.