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Look: Kay Felder at the NBA’s rookie photo shoot

Felder reps the Cavs as their lone rookie.

For the first time, Kay Felder rocks the Cleveland Cavaliers’ wine & gold.

At the NBA’s 2016 rookie photo shoot, Felder is featured along with the likes of Philadelphia 76ers forward Ben Simmons, Los Angeles Lakers forward Brandon Ingram and Minnesota Timberwolves guard Kris Dunn. And because he just stands 5’8”, Felder is in the front row.

Take a look, Felder is on the far left in his No. 20 jersey:

Felder also looks to be having a bit of fun at the photo shoot:

#PaniniDunk #PaniniNBARookie

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As an added bonus, Felder is rocking a Cavs jersey with the gold title tag on the back. Now that’s pretty sweet:

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