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Cavaliers to host Warriors on Christmas Day

The Cavs-Warriors rematch will also take place in Cleveland.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

One of the bonuses of having LeBron James on your team, other than being a contender, winning titles and witnessing greatness on a nightly basis, is getting to watch your team play every year during the NBA's Christmas showcase. This year features a different twist, as the city of Cleveland will get a home game on Dec. 25.

The 2016 World Champion Cleveland Cavaliers will host last the Golden State Warriors, last year's runner-up, in a Finals rematch according to Marc Stein of ESPN.

This gives Cavs fans in Cleveland an easy gift to ask for on Christmas while the rest of the fan base prepares family for extended periods of disappearing to watch the TV as well as a second helping of anxiety on top of what is normally expected during the holidays.

In my eyes, I would probably prefer an interesting, but mostly sacrificial lamb of a team for the Cavs on Christmas Day. Playing the Warriors is an obvious choice from the league's standpoint. Cavs-Warriors is turning into a classic rivalry and the addition of Kevin Durant to Golden State will only add to that.

The Warriors will likely have an adjustment period to start off the season with all of their new pieces while the Cavs power through a championship hangover, so this game will probably be one of the few times we see these teams kick into playoff gear during the regular season. So while it may not be incredibly convenient to have this game on such a busy day, the Cavsmas day showdown will certainly be an interesting one.