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David Blatt to receive championship ring from Cleveland Cavaliers

No stories yet on whether or not LeBron James told him how to wear it

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Former Head Coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers will be presented with a championship ring, despite being replaced with associate Head Coach Tyronn Lue midseason, according to Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal.

Blatt probably received an unfair amount of criticism during his time in Cleveland. One could argue that he brought a lot on himself due to the way he interacted with the media. His brash attitude was endearing to some and was consistently entertaining. He went 83-40 during his time with the Cavs and was partly responsible for an impressive run through the playoffs in 2015.

He didn't connect with the team the way the organization hoped, and for that reason he was let go. While the decision worked out as well as anybody could have expected, this is still a classy move from the organization and in all honesty it's probably deserved. Blatt did more good than harm during his time with the Cavs, but the human element of sports is a very important one.

Blatt will be coaching the Darüsşafaka Doğuş in Istanbul, Turkey next season. There is currently no word on when he will receive his ring.