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How many wins does Vegas expect the Cavs to pull off this year?

Will the Cavs beat expectations?

Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

The NBA season inches closer, and with it, NBA over/under win projections from Vegas. I’ve never been one to gamble, but it’s fun to see what people think teams will do. Last year I thought the Detroit Pistons were underrated, and they easily beat their win projection. The year before, the Atlanta Hawks were the easy pick. More often than not, though, the Vegas guys know what they are doing.

Today, the Las Vegas Super Book announced their projections. The Cavs have a bit of a boring projection. Coming off 57 wins, they are listed at 56.5. In recent history, the Cavs haven’t really cared much about the regular season. Losing Matthew Dellavedova, a few advanced metric systems have the Cleveland basketball team closer to 50 wins. How seriously will LeBron James take the regular season? Kyrie Irving? It’s not particularly hard to see the Cavs winning 62ish games. It’s not hard seeing them win 52ish games.

I think I’d take the over, but you also don’t know what J.R. Smith’s situation is. When his situation is resolved, will he be ready? I’d guess yes. It’s going to be fun.