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LeBron James on Chris Bosh: “I stand behind my brother Chris”

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LeBron James showed support for his ex-teammate.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh’s career may be over after he failed a physical last week and Heat president Pat Riley said that a Bosh comeback would not take place in South Beach. He could play with another team if waived, but his issue with blood clots may make him a risk teams don’t want to take.

On Tuesday, Cavaliers forward LeBron James was asked about Bosh, who he played with for four seasons in Miami. James said “I stand behind my brother Chris” while saying he supports his former teammate in whatever he wants to do.

Here’s LeBron’s full quote as posted by ESPN’s Brian Windhorst:

I stand behind my brother Chris. The most important thing is his health. Whatever decision he wants to do, I'm all for it. I support him in every way, shape and facet. It's a difficult situation for him. I was pretty surprised to hear that the team was just done with him, for them to come out and say that. But it's not like I've been there. I've only seen it from the exterior. I wish the best for him, he has my support."

This isn’t a particularly shocking quote from LeBron when it comes to Bosh. What stands out is his quotes related to the Heat, specifically “I was pretty surprised to hear that the team was just done with him” and “But it’s not like I’ve been here”.

He and Heat president Pat Riley don’t have the best relationship at this point, so perhaps that plays a part in LeBron’s response as well.