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Kevin Love is done trying to change the mind of doubters

The Cavs power forward is done with the speculation.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Love has always been one of the more interesting personalities in the NBA. While the conventional NBA star typically is a more vocal extrovert, Love has always been more reclusive and guarded. Since joining the Cavs, his quiet nature has lead to countless questions regarding his fit, his ability to get along with teammates and more.

But now that he has won a championship, complete with a defining play that will go down in Cleveland sports history, he appears to be done with trying to prove his value.

Playing alongside LeBron James seems to put teammates in the crosshairs. Even the organization seems to either get dismissed for the work they put in. The narrative seems to be that players shouldn't receive credit, because LeBron James makes everything possible for them (ignoring accomplishments prior to joining him. Tyronn Lue seems to not get his due credit as people view James as the coach. The front office doesn't receive enough credit for the shrewd moves and acquisitions that helped put together a championship team as well as maintain as much flexibility as possible. If James were the GM, he wouldn't need to campaign to re-sign J.R. Smith.

The members of the organization, as well as the team understand their own value and worth. Scrutinized players like Kyrie Irving or Love understand that they are champions and have obtained that status due to their contributions. While critics will always be out there, what has happened can't be taken away from them.

For Love things should only get better in Cleveland. This time last season he was still on the road back from shoulder surgery. He didn't have a full summer to train and get stronger as he's had this year. While adjustments and sacrifices may need to be made for Love, his strengths are something the team requires in order to repeat as champions.

This team is battle tested and proven. The only thing that should concern them is continuing to grow individually and collectively to continue to achieve great things.