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2017 NBA offseason

2017-2018 Season Preview roundtable

Cavs are here!

Daniel Gibson cried when Cavaliers won NBA title in 2016

Boobie Gibson still feels a connection to the Cavaliers.

Tyronn Lue open to starting Kevin Love at center

Kevin Love’s role with the Cavs appears to be changing this season.

5 vs. 5: Evaluating the Eastern Conference

This week’s roundtable runs through what could be an awful conference.

Dissecting the Cavaliers now over-crowded backcourt

The Cavaliers backcourt finally has some depth, but will they be able to successfully mesh?

How Dwyane Wade’s arrival affects the Cavs’ other wings

With Dwyane Wade in town, let’s analyze the wing depth of the Cavaliers.

Jeff Green will get squeezed out of Cavaliers rotation

Jeff Green could struggle to find the minutes to revive his career in Cleveland.

Dwyane Wade agrees to deal with Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cavs wing rotation gets even deeper.

Dwyane Wade nearing commitment with Cavaliers

Pat Riley will be thrilled.

LeBron James says idea that he wants to finish career in Cleveland “hasn’t changed”

LeBron gave fans hope that he might stick around, but don’t get too caught up.

LeBron would “love to play” with Dwyane Wade in Cleveland

The King wouldn’t mind reuniting with his buddy from Miami.

LeBron James opens up on Kyrie Irving trade saga

LeBron played it safe with his comments on Kyrie Irving.

Tyronn Lue says that Derrick Rose will start at point guard

While the team waits for Isaiah Thomas to recover, Derrick Rose will get the starting gig.

Dwyane Wade accepts buyout with Bulls; Cavaliers frontrunners

#WadeWatch is on.

Knicks wanted Tristan Thompson for Carmelo Anthony

Shoot your shot, Knicks.

J.R. Smith: “I think LeBron's gonna be wherever the f**k he wanna be at!”

J.R. claps back at claims that LeBron is leaving.

Cedi Osman unlikely to have major role with Cavaliers

The Cavs rookie is likely to be buried by the team’s perimeter rotation.

Kendrick Perkins appears at LeBron James’ Cavaliers minicamp

Perk probably can’t make the team, but he’s clearly still loved in the locker room.

Cavaliers rank seventh in ESPN’s future power rankings

The Cavaliers uncertain future hurts them in ESPN’s ranking.

Bulls willing to work with Dwyane Wade on buyout

The Bulls guard could have an avenue for joining Cleveland soon.

LeBron is invested in helping Derrick Rose earn his next contract

One former MVP is looking out for another.

Tyronn Lue says Tristan Thompson will remain starting center for Cavaliers in wake of trades

Tristan Thompson ain’t losing his starting spot just yet.

LeBron James hosting team workouts in Santa Barbara starting tomorrow

And although he won’t be participating, Isaiah Thomas will be in attendance.

Kyrie Irving dismisses idea he should have told LeBron James about trade request

The former Cavs point guard discusses his trade to the Celtics.

Richard Jefferson downplays gap between Cavaliers and Warriors in 2017 NBA Finals

RJ thinks that with a few different bounces, we’d look at the 2017 Finals much differently.

Shumpert weighs in Kyrie trade, his role in the Cavaliers offense

Shump had plenty to say about the Cavaliers tumultuous offseason.

The Cavaliers have no plans to trade Kevin Love, per report

Although the Cavs have tried to move him before, he’s not going anywhere now.

Love ranked No. 26 in Sports Illustrated’s Top 100

Love finished ahead of both Paul Millsap and Al Horford.

The Cavaliers are reportedly redesigning their offense to feature Kevin Love

This time, they mean it!

Isaiah Thomas lands at No. 40 in Sports Illustrated’s NBA Top 100

Thomas’ hip holds him back in this year’s rankings.

Draymond Green comments on Kyrie Irving trade

Everybody’s favorite Warrior weighs in on the Kyrie trade.

Jae Crowder lands at No. 44 in Sports Illustrated’s NBA Top 100

Jae Crowder is a super-role player, but does he deserve to land among the NBA’s top 50 players?


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