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Fear the Links: Kyle Korver edition

Today’s links are all about the Cavaliers’ newest player.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Atlanta Hawks Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Talking about new players in fun. From figuring out how they’ll fit with the Cavs, to discussing what the team gave up, everything is fun. With that in mind, today’s links are all about Kyle Korver.

At SB Nation, Tim Cato wrote about how Korver makes the Cavs’ offense even deadlier. As it happens, surrounding LeBron James with shooters is an effective strategy.

Everything FTS has posted on Korver, aside from a few news posts: A Locked on Cavs quick reaction, a Locked on Cavs deep dive, Ryan Mourton on his fit, Alex Ralston on what the Cavs gave up and Mike Zavagno on why Korver remains an elite shooter.

At The Step Back, FTS’ Trevor Magnotti argues David Griffin’s case for Executive of the Year. You’ll find no arguments against that here.

At his own YouTube page, NBC’s Dane Carbaugh has a great video up explaining how Korver will fit in Cleveland. Hint: really, really well.

At Bleacher Report, Jesse Spector profiles the Cavs’ love of finding old, useful players.

At The Ringer, Kevin O’Connor explains how Korver puts the Cavs closer to winning another title.

Lastly, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst has a great feature up about how Griffin has delivered for the Cavs and upgraded the roster.