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LeBron James has some advice for Kyle Korver

And it’s pretty simple

NBA: Playoffs-Cleveland Cavaliers at Atlanta Hawks Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Korver will begin his career with the Cavs tonight in Salt Lake City. He’s been getting to know his teammates for a couple days, and the most notable one is of course LeBron James. James has a unique style of leadership that has paid off. He can be passive aggressive at times, but is as selfless of a player on the court as we’re ever seen from a player of his caliber. A guy like Korver is enough of a veteran that he won’t start from the bottom and have to build up James’ respect. He does have some advice for Korver as he tries to get use to his new teammates.

“First thing I told him when he walked into the locker room the other day was if you want to fit in, shoot the ball every time you get it.


“Shoot the ball as soon as it touches your hands. Shoot it. We don’t care.”

James went on to say that Korver will have the “ultra-green light” and should shoot it whenever. The Cavs offense has been very good, but might be underachieving a little bit with J.R. Smith’s injury and pre-injury slump. We’ll see if they can find an even higher gear.