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Fear the Newsletter: Kyle Korver's debut ends in a loss

That and more in today’s newsletter.

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NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Here's today's Fear the Newsletter, where we will always try to set you up like Kyrie passing to LeBron off the glass. Except for yesterday, because snow ruins internet connections.

TALK TO ME: The Cavs played sloppy against the Jazz and, despite taking a brief lead in the third, lost by eight in Kyle Korver's debut.

Korver's final stat line: 18 minutes, 1-5 from the field, 0-2 three, three rebounds, one turnover. You can watch his first (and only) basket here.

LEGEND HAS IT: The Cavs, presumably despite some plane/snow issues, will take on the Portland Trail Blazers tonight at 10:30 p.m. When Cleveland was here last year the day after Christmas, it didn't end well. This is an ESPN game, by the way.

ALL DUE RESPECT: DeMar DeRozan lead the Raptors to a win over the Celtics. James Harden picked up ANOTHER triple-double in a Rockets win against the Hornets. Michael Beasley (?!?) lead the Bucks to a win over the Spurs. And the Warriors beat the Heat without Klay Thompson. The Clippers had the night off.

JOB WELL DONE: LeBron's having a great season from behind the arc. We rounded up a bunch of things to read about Kyle Korver. And LeBron has some advice for the Cavs' newest shooter.

CROWN: Luke Thomas had a really interesting segment about weight cutting in MMA on his radio show. Remebert Browne watched 'Atlanta' with the cast of 'Atlanta'. SI's Andrew Sharp on how Bradley Beal makes or breaks the Wizards. The Indy Star profiled Greg Oden, who is still trying to figure himself out. Lastly, this GQ piece on a high school player secretly dealing with CTE is a must read.

That's it for today. Drop your questions, comments and concerns to and we'll talk tomorrow after we all stay up unreasonably late to watch Cavs-Blazers.