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Cleveland Cavaliers trade season primer: What’s left to do?

The Cavs already moved on Kyle Korver. What’s next?

Despite the recent hiccups of the Cleveland Cavaliers, they remain a very good team. The trade for Kyle Korver hasn’t paid immediate dividends, but it seems crazy to think a team as talented as the Cavs won’t put things together. Given their championship pedigree, the team will likely rebound sooner rather than later. That doesn’t mean the team is perfect.

Channing Frye has struggled defensively with prolonged exposure, and it’s not clear Chris Andersen would have been a real option for consistent, serious minutes even without his devastating injury. Kay Felder has mostly played like you’d expect a rookie second round draft pick to play. It’s a team without any real depth at point guard, or behind Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson.

When things get serious for the Cavs in the playoffs, LeBron James can take over the backup point guard duties. Love and Thompson will be playing big minutes, and Frye’s role will be diminished. In the meantime, though, the team could use some guys to soak up minutes. The big move for Kyle Korver has happened. Now it’s about bringing in functional depth.