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Fear the Newsletter: Who’s ready for Cavs-Warriors II?

That and more in today’s newsletter.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Here's today's Fear the Newsletter, where we will always try to set you up like Kyrie passing to LeBron off the glass.

TALK TO ME: The Cavs have had a few days off after beating the Kings Friday. Kay Felder went to the D-League and isn ow back. And now it's Cavs-Warriors II. Who's ready?

LEGEND HAS IT: Tonight's game is at 8 p.m., a good thing for everyone in Ohio watching at home.

Three things to watch: how Kyle Korver fits, how hard the Cavs play and Steph Curry's involvement after how the Christmas game went.

FTS Previews: podcast here, written preview here.

ALL DUE RESPECT: Boston, Golden State and the Clippers all had the night off. The Bucks lost to the somehow streaking Hawks. The Raptors wrecked the Knicks. And the Rockets, predictably, beat the Nets.

JOB WELL DONE: The Cavs are figuring out how to use Kyle Korver rather quickly. And what's left for the Cavs to do ahead of the trade deadline? We also answered some Cavs questions for our frenemies over at Golden State of Mind.

CROWN: The Nation's Dave Zirin on Dabo Swinney. Scott Cacciola's profile of Eric Gordon in the New York Times. SI's Andrew Sharp on the functionality of a mega contract for DeMarcus Cousins in Sacramento. The Ringer's Victor Luckerson on the Nintendo Switch. And SB Nation's Paul Flannery's Sunday Shootaround profile of Cavs-Warriors.

That's it for today. Drop your questions, comments and concerns to and we'll talk tomorrow after the rematch.