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NBA All-Star game: LeBron James and Kyrie Irving are reportedly starters for East

A year removed from having a single All-Star selection, the Cavs have three starters

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

All-Star games are fun and meant for the fans. It’s a given that LeBron James, each season, will start for the Eastern Conference at one of the forward positions. His greatness is both expected and respected. He’s consistent; he can make your jaw drop. He’s worth the price of admission on his own. Kyrie Irving is a bit more controversial, but coming off the game-winning shot of the NBA Finals, he rode a sea of support from fan voting, and according to ESPN, will start next to his teammate.

Irving’s choice will be a bit more controversial. He’s been very good, but you could make arguments that Isaiah Thomas and John Wall are more deserving a starting spot. It would be nearly impossible to argue that Irving has been better than Kyle Lowry this season. Still, it’s not necessarily about that. It’s an exhibition, and the fans wanted to see Irving. Apparently, enough coaches and media members did as well.

Kevin Love was in line in fan voting for a starting spot up until the very end. It will be interesting to see how close he came to a starting spot. Hopefully he can make it on as a reserve. The Cavs only had one All-Star a year ago. It’d be nice to see them have three this year.