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Cavs finish half by doing something well

Most of the rest of the first half kind of sucked.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are currently getting drubbed by the New Orleans Pelicans. Who, by the way, don’t have Anthony Davis. Players not named LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love have scored a whopping 12 points. Terrence Jones and Jrue Holiday both have 22 points for New Orleans. Basically, it’s all bad. The only real highlight was LeBron finding Love with a full court pass.

But they did end the half on a high note. This simple ATO from the Cavs sees Irving set a screen for Love, who when posts up Tyreke Evans. And LeBron being who he is, he sets up Love perfectly for two right before the buzzer:

Maybe it’ll get better from here. Maybe the Cavs will come back from 20 down and win a game they probably expected to win, especially because the Pellies aren’t all that good. But it’s also possible that this will be as good as it gets.