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LeBron James is tweeting about the Cavs

If it’s January, LeBron James is in the winter of his discontent

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Sacramento Kings Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

We wrote earlier of the comments LeBron James had following the Cavs embarrassing loss to the Pelicans on Monday night. James riffed on a number of topics related to the Cavs roster, asking for a playmaker, asking for Michael Beasley, asking for Raymond Felton, describing how and why DeAndre Liggins and Kay Felder aren’t quite ready to help the Cavs win in the playoffs. I’d say about 75% of what James had to say made sense. He’s playing too many minutes, and the Cavs functionally have two players that can dribble at an NBA level as facilitators on their roster. James wasn’t done though, and took to twitter on Tuesday afternoon to keep the pressure on David Griffin and the Cavs front office:

These tweets are much better than the cryptic ones that we’ve seen in the past about fitting in and fitting out. LeBron has won a title with most of these guys, so there’s a new level of respect. Still, LeBron isn’t going to stop putting pressure on Dan Gilbert and company. We will see where it goes.