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Watch: Kyrie cooks Russell Westbrook

No one is safe from Kyrie’s handle.

No one is safe from a Kyrie Irving crossover. Not even Russell Westbrook.

As the Cavs take on the Thunder Sunday in Cleveland, Irving cooked Westbrook off the dribble with a crossover in the second quarter:

This is just a classic Kyrie crossover. He gets Westbrook leaning all the way towards the other side and just shifts at just the right moment. All Westbrook can do is try to get back and reach out before realizing it’s too late to stop Kyrie from scoring two points with a layup high off the glass over Steven Adams. You can see Irving setting this up a bit too. Westbrook took an ankle on Irving when Kyrie started his drive and the Cavs star took full advantage.

Irving’s having a pretty solid day too. Through two quarters, he has 13 points on 5-12 shooting to go along with five assists.

Remember: protect your ankles when you’re guarding Kyrie Irving.