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Cleveland Cavaliers book review: Bob Finnan’s ‘100 Things’ is fun, and encompassing

Another Cavs book, this one that goes beyond the title run

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Cleveland Cavaliers v Atlanta Hawks Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images

In the rush of the Cavaliers championship run, there were a number of publications rushed out to capitalize on an incredible season. Cleveland’s first title since 1964, LeBron James’ first with the Cavs, beating a historic Warriors team ... there’s no shortage of material.

But as people that come to Fear the Sword know, this team is more than that. It’s Austin Carr and Jim Chones, Brad Daugherty and Mark Price, it’s Joe Tait and Lester Hudson. There’s been quite a bit of good, to be sure, but there’s also been insanity and heartbreak and hilarity. That’s why I’m glad Bob Finnan wrote “100 Things Cavaliers Fans Should Know And Do Before They Die.” The championship run is certainly covered, but this one gives you a greater sense of the franchise as a whole. Published by Triumph books, you can get it on Amazon here.

It’s great because you can throw it on the coffee table and pick out random things to read when you get a moment. I particularly enjoyed the section on Delonte West, who remains one of my favorite players. I should also note that Bob spent years covering the Cavs through the good and bad. He knows the team. He’s a really good guy. This is a good one to own.