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Report: Cavs finalizing deal with Atlanta Hawks for Kyle Korver

David Griffin comes through in a big way

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Atlanta Hawks Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

With J.R. Smith out for an extended time and the Cavs lacking serious depth, General Manager David Griffin faced a serious challenge: find a real piece, and find one fast. He appears to be on the verge of doing just that. Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical reports with Shams Charania that the Cavs are finalizing a deal for sharp-shooter Kyle Korver. Korver will likely immediately slide into the starting lineup for the Cavs, where his shooting will make the Cavs ridiculously hard to guard. He might go to the bench when Smith comes back, but Korver gives the Cavs depth on the wing where they really needed it.

Korver, a former All-Star, is a 42.9% three point shooter, and will now be set up by LeBron James and Kyrie Irving. He is a capable defender that will score efficiently and understand his role in the offense. We will have more analysis to come, and update this post as we find out more about what the Cavs might be giving up.

UPDATE: Wojnarowski updates indicating that Mike Dunleavy Jr. will likely be moving onto a third team in the deal.