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Cavs complete pick swap with Trail Blazers

The Cavs get their own 2018 pick back in exchange for their 2017 pick.

NBA: NBA Draft Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

A step towards the Cleveland Cavaliers completing their deal for Kyle Korver is complete.

The team announced Friday that they have traded their 2017 first round pick to Portland Trail Blazers in exchange for the 2018 first round pick that the Cavs sent to the Trail Blazers last year when Anderson Varejao was sent to Portland in a salary dump.

Now, the Cavs’ 2019 pick is expected to end up in Atlanta along with Mike Dunleavy and Mo Williams’ contract. The Korver deal, while made official by the league, has been acknowledged as happening by both sides. The deal is expected to be done by tomorrow, if not earlier.

“There are definitely mixed emotions,” Korver said of the deal per The Atlanta Journal Constitution. “There are a lot of hard ties to Atlanta, for a lot of reasons. A lot of friendships, relationships. This is where I had my best basketball career, honestly. This is where I had all my kids. It’s hard to leave that behind. Obviously, it’s a great opportunity for me in Cleveland. So I’m very excited about that part of it. There are a lot of relationships that I care a lot for here and that I’m going to miss.”