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Cavaliers waive Kendrick Perkins and Isaac Hamilton, land on 15 man roster

The Cavaliers have finalized the group that will start the season.

NBA: Preseason-Cleveland Cavaliers at Washington Wizards Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers helped ease their overencumbered roster on Friday when they sent Richard Jefferson and Kay Felder to the Atlanta Hawks.

Today, they finished that job by waiving Kendrick Perkins and Isaac Hamilton, who were with the team on camp deals.

Neither player was considered to have a real chance at making the team, though the Cavaliers have reportedly been interested in adding Perkins to the coaching staff, though he reportedly would still like to land with a team as a player. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski was the first to report the news:

Perkins’ time as an NBA player is probably done, unless somebody wants to offer him a spot as a 15th man as a mentor to younger players on the roster.

As it stands, the Cavaliers finally have their 15 man roster of full time players, alongside John Holland on a two-way contract. They have one more two-way contract to hand out, but this is likely the group we’ll see the rest of the year.

Sending Jefferson out to Atlanta was tough, but did save the Cavaliers nearly $12 million in tax payments while paring down the roster. The season is just three days away. After a crazy summer of swapping personnel, it’s finally time for the Cavs to play meaningful basketball.