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Cleveland Cavaliers one play explained: Kevin Love connects with LeBron James

On a night where little went right, a intriguing development was on display.

NBA: Orlando Magic at Cleveland Cavaliers David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Not much went right for the Cleveland Cavaliers on Saturday against the Orlando Magic. In a blowout loss, the Cavs were outshot from three and looks out of sorts against the Magic. Only two players played well: LeBron James and Kevin Love. And the two also showed off a offensive change for the Cavs that could change the dynamic between the two some.

Against the Magic, as has been the case in the Cavs’ other two games, Tyronn Lue is letting Love set up around the elbow more often than he has in seasons past. As he does that, he takes a second or two to settle and the rest of the teams moves around the floor.

That includes LeBron James, who becomes a 240-pound, bullet train when cutting. And since Love is a smart, capable passer, letting James cut around Love is simple, effective offense for the Cavs, even if Iman Shumpert almost gets in the way:

It becomes even more effective when the two are surrounded with shooters that will inevitably left open when James draws attention in the paint: . No longer is Love there only to create space for James to drive into.

While Love’s shot isn’t falling to start the year — he’s shooting just 8.3 percent from three, per — he has a settled in as the Cavs’ secondary option behind James. While he’s still operating off ball some and deferring, the Cavs are giving him chances to be a bigger part of the offense.