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Jae Crowder comments on his move to the bench

The Cavs forward says the team still needs to find its “groove.”

Chicago Bulls vs. Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Jae Crowder, after starting the Cavaliers’ first five games, will be coming off the bench moving forward. And he seems totally good with it.

“I've been open to change because we haven't found our groove yet,” Crowder said on Friday, per ESPN. “We're still searching for answers to see how we can get games rolling in our favor. So I'm open to whatever the team wants me to do, because at the end of the day we're trying to reach a goal.”

This fits in with what Crowder has said since being traded to the Cavs over the summer, that he wants to win a title and nothing else. And he’s right in saying that the Cavs have yet to find their groove. In five games, they are 3-2, but have lost to teams that are likely to finish near the bottom of the standings. Plus, Crowder is going to play a big role on the Cavs even off the bench. He may not be starting, but he’s still going to be on the floor for most of the game.