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Cedi Osman was in “shock” during his NBA debut

The Cavs rookie made his debut on Wednesday.

Cleveland Cavaliers Media Day Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Cedi Osman’s debut with the Cleveland Cavaliers was a quiet one. The rookie forward scored six points on 2-6 shooting. There may not be much time for Osman in the Cleveland Cavaliers rotation, but with the average age and injury history of the roster he may need to be ready if he’s called upon.

If that moment comes, it’s important that Osman adjusts quickly to the NBA game. Via Chris Fedor of, Osman was feeling the pressure of his NBA debut and nerves may have got the better of him:

"For me, first it was like shock," Osman said. "But then when I continued to play I got used to it and felt better and better. It was OK for a first game. I think I was a little more excited, but it's OK."

Osman went on to talk about how his game will translate to the NBA, once he has adjusted:

"Here in the NBA they play a lot of fast basketball," he said. "Overseas it's not like that. It's more halfcourt plays and stuff. But here always running, fastbreak points, easy points. That's not a problem for me. Overseas I was playing like this all the time. I'm the guy with a lot of energy and the guy who likes to run the floor all the time. I think that will not be a problem for me."

Nobody is expecting Osman to light up the world offensively. If he can make the right plays, run the floor and stay active he should be able to be successful surrounded by the Cavs scorers.