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Fear the Links: Marvin Bagley III looks like he’s going to be really good

That and more in today’s links.

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NCAA Basketball: Elon University at Duke Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Saturday, everyone. Hope you made enough coffee.

ICYMI from Fear the Sword: LeBron maybe wants to own the Cavs someday, IT think he’ll adjust to LeBron quickly, how two rebounding mistakes in the final minute cost the Cavs in Houston

At The Step Back, Chris Stone looks at how Duke’s freshman looked in game one. Cavs fans will particularly want to read what he has to say about Marvin Bagley III. Elsewhere, Michael Porter only played two minutes due to an injury.

At SB Nation, Tim Cato recaps Eric Bledsoe’s first game with the Bucks and how he fit in perfectly. Also on the Bucks, and from SB Nation: Prada Pictures on Giannis.

At ESPN, Jonathan Givony (aka the man behind DraftExpress) has his Top 100 prospects for next year. Cavs fans should keep on eye on this.

At Howler magazine, a survey on the candidates for the president of the U.S. Soccer Federation.

At The Athletic, Danny Leroux looks at current Warriors problems that could be problems in May. (Cool to see him and Nate Duncan featured in Bloomberg, too.)

Lastly, The Ringer’s Shea Serrano ponders what 80s movie stars should pull a Sean Astin and audition for Stranger Things.